AgileCraft is joining Atlassian!

Posted by Steve Elliott on Mar 18, 2019 3:59:19 PM

Today, we are excited to share that AgileCraft has reached an agreement to be acquired by Atlassian.

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The Perils of Marketplace Apps and Heavy Jira Customization – Advice from Atlassian and Steve

Posted by Steve Elliott on May 30, 2018 2:27:09 PM

Atlassian recently released a terrific, yet cautionary, article and infographic on strategic ways to prepare for scaling Jira to the enterprise. They shared some pretty mind-boggling statistics on the size and scale of their enterprise-sized customers’ Jira instances. As a Jira fan, my eyebrows raised so high they nearly left my head when I read the statistics around the sheer scale of what enterprises are doing with Jira at the team level:

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Scaling Agile with JIRA Plugins: the 1968 Alfa Romeo Solution to Scale

Posted by Steve Elliott on Jan 31, 2018 4:55:46 PM

It’s like that time you saw that gorgeous 1968 Alfa Romeo Giulietta for sale on Craigslist – truly a thing of beauty, with all the bells and whistles one could want. It even has a brand-new paint job, new aftermarket headlights, and a cool new stereo. The owner is selling it for dirt cheap, and insists it’s ready to go, . It’s like the mythical Craig of Craigslist crawled right in your head, figured out your dream car and plopped it right into your search results. Excitedly, you mention it to your favorite uncle, who happens to be a very smart, old school auto mechanic.

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AgileCraft Named as a 2017 Red Herring North America Winner

Posted by Steve Elliott on Jun 19, 2017 2:39:22 PM
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Scaling JIRA all the way to Barcelona

Posted by Stephanie Bailey on May 10, 2017 12:36:21 PM

I was lucky enough to attend Atlassian’s first European Summit in Barcelona last week with my team. We had 2 fantastic days meeting people from all over the world from South Africa to Sweden and funny enough, had to go all the way to Barcelona to spend some time with a friend from my hometown in the states.

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Atlassian Summit 2016 – AgileCraft + SAFe + JIRA = Enterprise Agility

Posted by Stephanie Bailey on Oct 27, 2016 11:37:09 AM

 What an amazing week! This was our first year as a gold sponsor of the Atlassian Summit and it exceeded all of our expectations.  We were lucky enough to welcome our partners, Scaled Agile, into our booth this year as well.  They got to see firsthand the craziness of the event and the excitement surrounding AgileCraft and the SAFe framework in the Atlassian community.  SAM even made a cameo appearance as well.  He was so popular that he had to retreat to his secret hiding place after the 1st night but before he did, he had the opportunity to meet some great people!  And once again our “SAFe word” shirts ran out within minutes, with too many people to count asking for more.

I am always impressed with the Atlassian leadership and their great showing of support giving back to the local community especially this year with their 1% Pledge initiative.  From a product perspective, I was interested to learn that Atlassian’s doubling down and investing even more into delivery of Enterprise offerings.  We agree that this is where the marketspace is headed and as an Industry leader, it only makes sense.


It was great to interact with the larger Atlassian Community as well. For the first time I walked away from an event wishing it was longer.  There was so much excitement surrounding scaling agile that we didn’t get the chance to talk to the all the people we wanted too.  We spent the majority of the week focusing on the evolution of scale. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and JIRA was a constant part of the conversation.  Our booth was swamped morning to night.  We spoke with companies who had already made the move to SAFe as well as those that were ready to make the move.  A # of companies shared they had tried other solutions in the past to scale agile and had failed.  Throughout the week we were able to highlight for many how JIRA, SAFe and AgileCraft is the perfect combination for scaling agile to the enterprise. The scaling discussion wasn’t just limited to the states either.  I was impressed with the Global presence at the conference – London, Melbourne and more. 

I couldn’t have imagined a better week for myself and the AgileCraft team. Between another stellar conference, ability to interact with experts in our space and topping it off with winning the Fortune Best Place to Work award, I couldn’t be happier.

At AgileCraft, we deliver the most comprehensive software solution available for scaling agile to the enterprise. AgileCraft transforms the way organizations enable and manage agile productivity across their enterprise, portfolios, programs, and teams by aligning business strategy with technical execution. To find out more visit us at https://agilecraft.com or follow us on twitter @theagilecraft.



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