Scaling JIRA all the way to Barcelona

Posted by Stephanie Bailey on May 10, 2017 12:36:21 PM

I was lucky enough to attend Atlassian’s first European Summit in Barcelona last week with my team. We had 2 fantastic days meeting people from all over the world from South Africa to Sweden and funny enough, had to go all the way to Barcelona to spend some time with a friend from my hometown in the states.

Regardless of where they were from, we were inspired by companies and the transformation process they had undergone. Some were just starting and others had invested years but the conversations always ended back in the same place. The message was loud and clear for the readiness and the desire of the attendees to ensure the work in JIRA was both visible and scaled beyond the team level. We heard many stories on how their current platform or strategy wasn’t working and that to compete and win in the marketplace they needed to take the next step to scale even further into their enterprise. They clearly understood how an agile organization at scale can help to improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue and profit, increase their competitiveness and more but had struggled to get there. In prior conferences, we would show our platform but kept the overall demo short. For this event, we had the honor to feature our new Version 10 platform, coming out later this year, and this time around the demos lasted 30+ minutes each and with an audience as many as could fit in our booth. A 10-minute demo wasn’t long enough, they wanted to see more.  

The other common theme for the conference was the increasing awareness and adoption of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) through the region. It was clear that AgileCraft + SAFe + JIRA was the only solution for scaling Agile and JIRA to the enterprise. If they hadn’t begun following the framework already, the summit attendees knew the benefits of SAFe and how it can improve engagement, time to market, quality and productivity within the enterprise. They wanted to understand how a platform like ours could accelerate their transformation process while leveraging a framework that fit their business through the use of a common language and processes that SAFe provides. SAFe is clearly the market leader in US and excited to see the impact it is starting to have in other regions as well.

All and all it was a great time in Barcelona and we were honored to participate with Atlassian in the inaugural event. See you back there in September next year!

Topics: Scaled Agile, Agile, atlassian, JIRA, SAFe