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Posted by Stephanie Bailey on Nov 7, 2019 3:09:43 PM


The advent of ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have transformed the transportation experience for cities and users dramatically. With just a few taps on a phone screen, users can request a driver to pick them up from their location and take them wherever they want to go. These rides are much more convenient than hailing a taxi, and some drivers even offer snacks, music, and conversation to the rider. Studies show that 36% of adults have used a ride sharing app today compared to just 15% of adults who had in 2015 and the third who had never even heard of ride sharing, showing the dramatic increase of usage.

Ride share services have simplified short-term transportation for many people, just as our tools simplify processes for business leaders through the power of agile.

Whether you use a ride sharing service for everyday transportation or as a designated driver, in some cities it can be cheaper than having your own car or using other forms of transportation. However, the price for ride sharing services is never still -- it often changes based on the weather, your location, the distance of your ride, traffic, and more. With that in mind, our team was curious to see how much ride sharing services costs in different cities around the U.S. Keep reading for all of our findings.


To find the data, we collected the published rates in each of the 50 largest U.S. cities for the two most popular ride sharing services: Uber and Lyft. We also used this survey of rideshare drivers as a basis for the average ride share trip distance and time. Using both the published rates and the average trip, we were able to calculate the average cost of a ride share in each city. The overall average cost of a ride share was calculated as an average between Uber and Lyft, though we also have each service’s cost calculated individually in our report. Dallas did not have Uber rates available.

The Most Expensive Cities for Ride Sharing

Map of the 10 most expensive cities for ride sharing

The first thing we took from our research are the ten cities with the most expensive average ride shares. New York City took first place, where the average trip costs $18.73. After new york is Seattle ($16.54) and San Francisco ($15.77). The high prices of these rides are likely due to the fact that these cities are often congested with cars and have a low commute rate compared to the population, making a commute by car difficult.

The Least Expensive Cities for Ride Sharing

Map of the 10 least expensive cities for ride sharing

In addition to the ten most expensive cities, we also found the ten least expensive cities for ride sharing. The cheapest city to ride share is Oklahoma City, where the average cost of a trip is just $9.91. Jacksonville and Raleigh also placed in the top three with an average rate of $10.08 and $10.61 per ride respectively. Other cities include Phoenix, Orlando, and Memphis, where the average rate for each stays below $11.

The Average Cost of A Ride Share by City

Average cost of a ride share by city - chart

We also created a table that shows the average cost of a ride for Uber and Lyft separately in the top 50 cities. The prices between Uber and Lyft rides are pretty similar in each city, although some cities show a one or two dollar difference. For example, an Uber in Miami costs $12.29 on average, while a Lyft is just $10.88. Detroit also has a similar difference in rates.

The Cost of An Uber Ride by City

Cost of an Uber ride by city - chart

Like we mentioned above, the cost of rides often depends on multiple factors. For Uber, these fares include a base fare, booking fees, minimum fees, fees per minute and per mile. To see all of the average rates for Uber in each city, take a look at the table above.

The Cost of A Lyft Ride by City

Cost of a Lyft ride by city - chart

We also had to compile the data for Lyft too. Some of the fares for Lyft are different, such as the service fee. Some cities, including Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., also have a city fee, which can cost up to 65 additional cents. To see the average Lyft rates for each city, look at the table above.


At the end of the day, Uber and Lyft prices will never remain the same. There are so many factors that can change the rates, and they can change at any minute. Anybody who has used a ride sharing app has most likely experienced the dread of surged prices. Luckily, Uber and Lyft allow you to split the cost of a ride with other people if you aren’t riding alone.

Just as Uber or Lyft connects you from one place to another, JiraAlign is able to connect your business strategy to technical execution. To learn more about how we can make this happen, check out our range of products that will help your business, whether it be a startup or an enterprise.


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